Thursday, July 12, 2012

Acoustic Version Bechey Thakar Gaan By Anupam Roy: Album Durbine Chokh Rakhbona

Yes, I know the last post I had shared here was that on Anupam Roy (and it was quite a long time ago and I've been guilty of not coming back to my Kolkata blog sooner...I do plead guilty!)

As much as I wanted to write about a lot of things that bring up Kolkata for me, things that, even while I haven't considered myself much of a baangali all these years, are suddenly making me love 'my' culture and 'my' people more (at the cost of sounding regionalistic!), Im just running a bit short on time and need a little more of it to sit down and share those memories and experiences better with you.

Like you already know by now, Im a big fan of Anupam Roy's brand of singing and lyrics....though much of it still manages to make sense to me as I don't understand what it means!! :-(

So here I am right now, sitting by a window that looks out to the sea, and its raining here in Mumbai, monsoon at its full peak, and the cool breeze flowing in through the open window blowing through my hair...and what's playing in my ears???? The amazing acoustic version of one of my most favourite songs ever - Beche Thakar Gaan....and yes, I love this version much much more than the one used in the movie sung by Rupam? (I hope I got the name correct!)

I only recently heard this acoustic version and its been playing on repeat mode ever since, as was obvious....So sing along, as I share the lyrics here with you....I can't do a translate here as Im not good at understanding it myself....please excuse me on that..I'll definitely try to work some magic, understand all of this and come back with the translations...

And Anupam, if this ever reaches your eyes...A BIIIG THANKS for making the kind of music that you do and making me and millions of other bengalis and even non-bong or 'probaashi' bongs smile and bring back some cherished memories....a big hug ;-)

Sing Along:

Jodi pheley ditey boley ghola joley kola tuli
Jeno aami kuriye nebo taa
Jodi khuley nitey boley du paaye baandhaa ghungur
Jeno aami khultey debo na

Jodi pheley.......

Aar aami aami jaani jaani choraabaali kotokhaani gilechhey aamader roj
Aar aami aami jaani jaani proti raatey hoyeraani haaraano shobder khonj

Aar ebhabei norom baalishe
Tomaar oi chokher naalishe
Bechey thaak raat porider snaan 
Thontey niye beche thhaakar gaan
Aar ebhaabei mukher chaadore
Porichito haather aadore
Shukhey thhaak raat porider snaan
Thonte niye baachiye raakhaar gaan

Jodi kere nitey boley kobita thhasha khaata 
Jeno kere nite debo na
Jodi thheme jete boley piano baashi guitar
Jeno aami thhamte debo na

Aar aami aami jaani jaani....... can you be so good at what you do???!!! And Im still hoping in this lifetime I manage to catch you at one of your performances!!! I wish....

- Debolina Raja Gupta


  1. This acoustic version is just awesome in one word! Ami goto 3din aktana ganta sunchi. Repeating & repeating....

  2. Isnt it?? Aami to koto din thekey etaai shunchhi...and you know what, just came back from his performance and really, eta live-e aaro onek onek amazing...try and watch him perform live :-)

  3. I play his songs on my guitar all the time. He is a magician with his music. If I had a wish it would just be to learn something directly from him.

    1. @Muhit...thank you :-) I will make sure he sees this.

    2. @Muhit....also, you can check out the blog dedicated exclusively to Anupam Roy :-)

    3. can U please Share the Chords For this Song..
      The provided Chords from the search engine does not quit add up..
      Something is missing. I am no expert so cannot identify the chrords...


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