Thursday, October 25, 2012

Durga Puja The Mumbai Way

Durga Thakur at the Vashi Kali Bari Pujo

Yes, jaani, Bengalis in Kolkata will swear by the Durga Puja in Kolkata. But I must say here, that I have never really seen the Kolkata Durga Pujas, except one year when it didn't go well (will get back on that later).

Born and brought up in Delhi, I've always associated Pujo with Delhi, New Delhi Kali Bari, C R Park, Gole Market, Kashmiri Gate, Minto Road - these have all been Pujos I have grown up with and identify myself with. It's become part of who I am.

Now in Mumbai for the last almost 7 years, I have begun calling Mumbai home, and the Durga Puja in this Kali Bari is a place I have learnt to cherish and look forward to. I had a great time this Durga Puja. Enjoyed with so many other Bengalis who live here, who look forward to these 5 days of celebrations and excitement for the entire year, and who don't leave any opportunity to suddenly transform into 'typcial baangali' for these 5 days! I was one of them too :-)

Had a great time, enjoyed the typical Baangali khaabaar that we don't otherwise get here, enjoyed the bhog, loved the 'aaroti' the heart-warming fragrance of the 'dhunuchi' and loved the single book stall that stocked up on so many bangla books, especially the pujo specials - but can you believe it, the pujo specials were over by shoptomi and I could only find a single pujo copy of Shanonda!!!! Sooo disappointed!

Anyways, Im sure you've all had a fabulous Durga Pujo and are already waiting for the next year's celebrations...I am! Khoob moja korechho nischoi, aamaake bolo....

Aar hain, Shubho Bijoya tomader shobaaike!

- Debolina Raja Gupta


  1. I suppose each state has their own way of celebrating.

  2. Haddock: Yes, I've seen Durga Puja in 03 different states - Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and every state's way of celebration was quite different, though most of it remains the same...


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