Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Rice grains on my kitchen floor

My little rice bowl in the rice bucket

 The beauties - glistening rice grains

As a bengali, almost all my food fantasies have had one constant throughout the years - rice. Yes, it's true that I used to take immense offense when anyone used the term 'bheto baangali' to refer to those bongs who always crave rice, whether it was applied to me directly or not. I somehow never wanted to accept the fact that yes, I did have a rice tooth, actually, an entire rice tummy - just a tooth wont do!

So it was, and still is, that all the dishes and specialties that I try out are judged by the one benchmark - how will they taste when they are mixed with rice. Every time I eat out, I always end up ordering the main course, that too curries, and almost always end up giving the starters a miss. I've never been much of a starters person.

Rice has been with me for almost all the many years I've been eating, not almost, ALL the years. And even when I go on a diet, the fragrance of rice being cooked is one of the strongest ones to make my dieting steps wobble!

All said and done, I simply love rice, and unless my meal has a portion of rice in it, its incomplete - there's something that my heart will still crave, even though my tummy may be full. 

Maybe the 'bheto baangaali' syndrome is actually true after all ;-)

- Debolina Raja Gupta

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